OH Ripley - Bodmer Hotel by scottamus on Flickr.

Wadsworth, OH by Wonggei St on Flickr.

South Fountain by Cindy Funk on Flickr.

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Really a gorgeous old thing. There’s some scaffolding to the left, so they are working on it right now. Dunno if they’re going to paint the whole thing the same pink as the porch, but that would be stunning. These old houses have to be TONS of work, and I know that I’d never be industrious enough to keep up. But they are gorgeous.

OH Lorain - Palace Theater by scottamus on Flickr.

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crowryche comments:

The outside isn’t much to look at compared to the inside. I worked there from ‘89-‘91. The interior, including the seating and paint and plaster, was restored to its original look for the most part. Was the first theater in Ohio to have fireproofing in the projection booth, as the old projectors were carbon arc. The carbon arc projectors were still in use when I worked there as a projectionist. They have since been replaced with modern “platter” equipment.

(2009-01-24) Abandoned Buildings HDR - 0015 by Joseph L. Harris (www.jlh-photo.com) on Flickr.

A Brief History of Mouth Hygiene in Cleveland by ClevelandSGS on Flickr.

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Learn more about Cleveland Mouth Hygiene here.


Reading works about dentistry sounds mind numbing to the uninitiated, but this book works on a few levels. First you are not subjected to photos of hideous looking teeth, the book instead paints a picture of the horror show that was going on in our grandparents mouths. The book is interesting because many of the theories espoused in it are quite anachronistic to the medical profession of today. Most importantly the book presents a snapshot of how Cleveland was growing and how a group of caring doctors reached out to tackle and actually defeat a serious epidemic within their own city.

The abandoned Enchanted Forest Playland by presidentadow on Flickr.

Harry McShane, 134 Broadway, Cincinnati. Sixteen years of age on June 29, 1908. Had his left arm pulled off near shoulder, and right leg broken through kneecap by being caught on belt of a machine in Spring Works factory in May 1908. Had been working there more than 2 years. Was on his feet for first time after the accident the day this photo was taken. No attention was paid by employers to the boy either at hospital or home according to statement of boy’s father. No compensation. Photograph and caption by Lewis Wickes Hine.

Pierpont by voiland on Flickr.

The Grey Ghost by jen d. cox on Flickr.

Macedonia, OH by ddspictaker on Flickr.

boys’ PE, Greenfield OH by A-Wix on Flickr.

Snowy, Blustery Winter’s Night [Explore 12/30/2012] by Truebritgal on Flickr.

Residence of F. Vogel, Norwich by Christopher Busta-Peck on Flickr.

Skyborn Drive In Theatre by ramseybuckeye on Flickr.

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