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Abandoned to the mine. by durand clark on Flickr.

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Old farmhouse below Oak Hill, Ohio, left to nature after the mining company claimed their mineral rights. The dirt mountain behind the house was piled there by the mining company. It’s a great area for clay mining.

double vision by Jonathon Much on Flickr.

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the dual, antiquated cameras (that at one time were state of the art) sit left to rot inside the projection room at the top of the paramount theatre in youngstown, ohio. i was shocked to see them still there - it seems like the kind of artifact a collector would have restored.

Rattlesnake at Shawnee State Park by dok1 on Flickr.

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I saw the snake at Shawnee State Park in Scioto County, Ohio during a weekend trip in October 1937., according to the typed data on the negative envelope. I recall that we stayed in the old hotel at Mineral Springs, Adams County. The hotel burned about 1940 and I’ve not found trace of it during recent trips.

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Care to do business with crooks? Lincoln Highway - East Liverpool, Ohio by Shari on Flickr.

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Once you could buy your home furnishings from crooks - the Crook Furniture Company, that is. They built this structure in 1905. More info and lots of photos from the East Liverpool Historical Society right here.

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The Three Corners by Mr. History on Flickr.

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Ohio on the right, Indiana on the left and Michigan, where the pavement ends and the road turns to dirt, with Indiana continuing on the left,

Here, Michigan is east of Indiana, and Indiana is north of Ohio, facts you can say to your new girl friend, or use to liven up a party.

The paved road is in Ohio. I went here for the first time, out of curiosity because it was there.

lounging by dbthayer on Flickr.

Hunting Pictures early 1960s by Barry McCorkle on Flickr.

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These were slides taken by my father in the early 1960s at the McCorkle Farm after a big deer hunting expedition

Donna, Jan and I ride a train at Idora Park, Youngstown, OH, 1952 by lreed76 on Flickr.

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That’s my cousin, Donna Reed, in the front, my sister Jan behind her, and me behind Jan. I don’t recognize the kid with the suspenders, but I’m pretty sure that’s my cousin John Reed behind him in the blue. Photo by Walter Reed.