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enslen’s by vistavision on Flickr.

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Sign for Enslen’s Super Market, Washington Court House, Ohio. I like the sans-serif with the diagonal emphasis. Since they say “Super Market,” I’m guessing this dates from the 40s. The serif italic looks strikingly like a modern “casual” typeface. I can’t figure out why this sign was painted in a narrow little alley, barely wide enough for one car. I guess they just wanted to label their store and not advertise it per se.

Martings sign, Portsmouth, Ohio by bellanox on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Marting’s Department store was a fixture on Chillicothe Street in Portsmouth, Ohio, for many years. Unfortunately, it was closed a year or more before this photograph was taken, and I found a certain bit of irony in the declaration on the sign, seeing as the store had closed: Marting’s - ‘here for you yesterday, here for you today!’ Except that they were no longer ‘here for me’. A lot of people were very sad when Marting’s closed. Photographed November 25, 2003.

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Oakwood Townhall by steven largouet on Flickr.

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Offices of mayor, clerk, police, jailhouse.

Bureau du maire, du notaire, de police, prison aussi a l’occasion (ce n’est pas moi qui invente, c’est marque la, sur le petit panneau en bois au bord du trottoir).

A bit like our local shops in Brittany. One guy, thousand jobs : bakery, post office, convenience store, bar, petrol station, barber shop even sometimes and all that in the same place.

Un petit air des epiceries bar-tabac, depot de pain, station-essence, salon de coiffure que ll’on croise encore sur certaines departementales de Bretagne.

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