the automatic cabinet

Closed by Joseph Cerulli on Flickr.

Super X Police Bike by Fluxstringer Media Stream on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
This multiply rare Excelsior/ Super X police bike was proudly displayed as being unchanged since the day it left the service of the City of Indianapolis Indiana. The original tires no longer held air as the rubber was just too old. And unrestored the bike is worth much more than if it were brought to rideable condition. This was taken at the Wauseon Ohio Fairgrounds vintage bike meet and races in 1986 on a scorching August day.

Among the claims for rarity are these; it is an Excelsior, it is a Super X,It is all original, it is a police bike, It served with the Indianapolis police department and among other things was probably used during race week.

7/366 by Sonja Scheuer on Flickr.

Shawnee Restaurant, Shawnee Ohio by gb_packards (Mike) on Flickr.

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This mural offers a depiction of the town complete with the old city school building at the top of the hill (now demolished), a dark blue sky with stars, and a crescent moon. My oldest buddy Randy (Luckdog15) and I ventured to the town to have a look after visiting the lost town of San Toy, also in Perry County. The food here was great. I hope to go back again someday soon.

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Siegles by presidentadow on Flickr.

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Left Behind Pt.2

This building provides great textures for the picture and the graffiti is like a tattoo.

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Shawnee Ohio by gb_packards (Mike) on Flickr.

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What was once a bank and an opera house along Main Street in Shawnee, Perry County, Ohio. The bank is now the ‘Desperado’ bar. The Knights of Labor Opera house opened in 1881 and was one of the first union halls, but like many of the buildings in town, it too sits empty with her storefronts beckoning, and has not been used in many years.

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